An Unexpected Gift from my Father

a letter to our visitors

My father Ben Yang built his career in Taiwanese agriculture and dedicated his life to improving the quality and conditions of Taiwanese farming.  He worked within all areas of agriculture but his last wish was to build a national and international understanding of the beauty and complexity of the Taiwanese wine grape.  So more than a decade ago, he founded a modern vineyard to demonstrate that some of the best wine grapes in the world could and should be grown in the central region of Taiwan.  Although he did not live long enough to see the results of this vison, I was able to work with him from the beginning of this journey and am proudly continuing in his footsteps.

My father would remind me, “We are lucky to be able to work with local grapes alongside these farmers, on this land.”  He had always believed that you will find meaning and excellence instilled in honest human purposes.  During our journey to create these wines we met many challenges and overcame them often with help from unexpected friends.  Everything that I appreciate most is also because of this gift.

Weightstone is a deeply personal project for me and for every person that has been part of my team and we have strived to be true to the vision of Ben Yang.  And in the end the vision held true, these wines are more beautiful than any of us could have imagined.  We hope it will ignite a spark in you as it did for all of us.



Vivian Yang, Operations Manager.  October 20, 2016

Vivian Yang


Ellen Hu

Winery Technician

Sasha Lu

Winery Technician

Neal Shen

Estate Manager & Viticulturist

Antony Chen

Grower Relations & Viticulturist